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  • Premium Quality
  • Assured Reliability
  • Design Customisation
  • Premium Quality

    Assured Reliability

    Design Customisation


    Fore-Sight Cable Support Systems was incoporated in June 1983. What started as a humble venture, has now developed into a thriving and growing business. Fore-Sight is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of metal products used in the support of cable and pipe for Industrial, Commercial, Utility and OEM installations. We are proud to express that our business has been able to contribute to the development of the nation in the field of oil & gas, petro-chemical and petroleum-based industries, and various other challenging projects.

    We believe that the spirit of our success lies in the lines of producing high quality products and constant upgrading of our technology and services, backed by our staffs who have strong determination to suceed. It was our thirst for accomplishment that pushed us to make our bold move to expand our business. This resulted in us opening up Fore-Sight Manufacturing Sdn Bhd and Fore-Sight Marketing Sdn Bhd.

    It is our contention to face the challenges ahead with full of vigour and we are very optimistic and enthusiastic about the future. Our constant progression and our resourceful and visionary outlook, has set the precedence for all our undertakings. We have been adhering to and practising ISO systems and procedures which is sure to boost our status in the industry. We are looking forward for a more enterprising and powerful endeavour, now that we have moved into the new millenium and we promise that we will continue to provide products that are long lasting and high in quality!


    • Focussed – Always in focus of the company’s mission

    • Objective – A positive outlook on all undertakings

    • Resourceful – The key to staying ahead

    • Expertise – The tool that trasnforms good to better

    • Strength – To withstand any situation

    • Innovative – In order to set us apart

    • Globalisation – A feat that spells success

    • Hi-Tech – An investment that means advancement

    • Trust – The human value that bridges us to you


    We realise and acknowledge that the reason for our success is undoubtedly due to our hardworking staffs right from the management to technical and other personnel, who together have travailed to put us where we are today. Our driving force have always maintained their professionalism and displayed admirable work ethics that has helped us shape the company to be compatible at an international level. A feat that we must admit to be very proud of.
    In return, Fore-Sight has continuously provided our people with ample opportunities to constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge, to allow the to progress within the company.

    We believe that in order to build confidence and to promote loyalty, it is only right that we upgrade the workforce from within. What better way to show our appreciation than to practice in-house promotion?

    Currently, Fore-Sight has a total of 150 staff of which more than 70% are technical personnel. We speculate that with our continuous growth, we would be looking at an increase of workforce to at least 250 in the next 2 years or so. We look forward to the future and we are ready to face the challenges ahead!

    Since 1992 we have slowly but surely grown and secured a good number of businesses both local and oversea.