A Dependable Name In Cable Support System

Experience & Capability

Fore-Sight Has beed fabricating optimum quality metal cable support system meant for Commercial, Utility and OEM installation purposes since 1983. Since then we have been established ourself as a dependable and trusted name in various sectors.

Apart from producing standard products, channel support systems and heavy duty cable ladders, we have also structured our expertise to accomodate individual needs as and when the requirement arises. Our able team, innovative equipment and premium materials have become the core factors of our success. But it doesn’t end there. Our continuos effort to better ourselves gives us the competitive edge and gives you the best in the cable support systems.

Dedication To Quality

Fore-Sight is certified by the Independent European Certification Limited as BS EN ISO 9001:2000, Quality Management System compliant. The scope of our certification is for Manufacturing of Cable Support, Floors Distribution System and Associated Products. this is as a result of our resilience and insistence in employing the highest standard of quality in all our operations. This dedication has allowed us to meet even the most stringent quality standards set by our customers.

Premium Quality

Assured Reliability

Design Customisation


  • Focussed – Always in focus of the company’s mission

  • Objective – A positive outlook on all undertakings

  • Resourceful – The key to staying ahead

  • Expertise – The tool that trasnforms good to better

  • Strength – To withstand any situation

  • Innovative – In order to set us apart

  • Globalisation – A feat that spells success

  • Hi-Tech – An investment that means advancement

  • Trust – The human value that bridges us to you


We realise and acknowledge that the reason for our success is undoubtedly due to our hardworking staffs right from the management to technical and other personnel, who together have travailed to put us where we are today. Our driving force have always maintained their professionalism and displayed admirable work ethics that has helped us shape the company to be compatible at an international level. A feat that we must admit to be very proud of.
In return, Fore-Sight has continuously provided our people with ample opportunities to constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge, to allow the to progress within the company.

We believe that in order to build confidence and to promote loyalty, it is only right that we upgrade the workforce from within. What better way to show our appreciation than to practice in-house promotion?

Currently, Fore-Sight has a total of 150 staff of which more than 70% are technical personnel. We speculate that with our continuous growth, we would be looking at an increase of workforce to at least 250 in the next 2 years or so. We look forward to the future and we are ready to face the challenges ahead!